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Jump rope

Jump rope

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Skipping rope with non-slip grip and high-quality materials. A great ally of any fitness routine.

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Longitud regulable: se puede ajustar apretando los tornillos de cada extremo, para adaptarse a la estatura de cada persona.

Alta velocidad: permite una práctica deportiva de calidad a altas velocidades.

Agarre ergonómico: para aportar comodidad a los saltos.

Información adicional 

Peso 0,33 kg

Dimensiones 100 x 1 x 1 cm

Cuidado y materiales

Longitud: 3 metros

Material principal: Aluminio / acero inoxidable + PVC

Our exclusive collection together with Crys Dyaz & Co is designed to meet the needs of people who train at home or who want to take their "gym" wherever they go. The new ways of working and relating have caused different situations where, on occasions, it is more difficult to have the time and space to carry out our training sessions and routines. For this reason, this collection seeks to accompany you in your day to day. As Crys Dyaz would say: “Today is the day, now is the moment”.

  • Exclusive design
  • premium materials
  • Comfortable and easy transportation
  • take care of yourself every day