About us

Welcome to CHIC&LOVE Wellness , our mission is to promote health and well-being through holistic solutions . Our story began with the founder, who after being diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, and unable to find effective solutions, decided to start her own search. For years she dedicated herself to researching and analyzing the best ingredients to formulate HAIR&NAILS, a natural, effective and delicious solution that improves hair health from the inside with visible results on the outside .

From that moment on, our range of products expanded to promote the well-being of your hair through the improvement of global health. Including vitamin supplements to improve rest, skin, anxiety and satiating. At CHIC&LOVE Wellness, we constantly innovate to cover all pathologies that may affect the well-being of our clients.

We believe in the power of natural ingredients and the convenience of an easy-to-take format, which is why we strive to provide solutions that fit into your daily routine.

To take care of ourselves on the outside, we offer our exclusive fitness collection together with Crys Dyaz & Co, designed to meet the needs of people who train at home or want to take their "gym" wherever they go.

We are committed to providing high-quality, innovative solutions to improve your life.


Our formulas are nationally produced and we have the number 1 national manufacturer in Europe and the 3rd most important worldwide, with the most qualified scientific team in the sector.

Founder of Chic&Love

The history of CHIC&LOVE was born from the hand of its founder and executive director: Verónica Corrales , diagnosed with androgenic alopecia .

He found that most of the supplements intended to treat this end taste terrible, artificial and, mainly, are neither practical nor effective .

The key to the change was to become aware of the importance of taking a special combination of vitamins and natural amino acids , providing the body with the optimal supply.

Following their personal experience, extensive research , and inspired by the taste and shape of the original gummy bear, they experimented to compress the effectiveness of Biotin and vitamin- based hair supplements into a delicious and convenient gummy format. .

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