Wishlist: Christmas gift ideas

Wishlist: Ideas de regalos de Navidad

Why is there so much fear of using weights in training? There are a number of "false beliefs" that remain with many of us when the idea of ​​including weights in our workouts is presented. Phrases like "I don't want to get muscular", "cardio is better to lose weight" or "I'm going to injure myself with the weights" are still heard and believed to be true. However, exercise with weights brings great benefits.


People tend to opt for cardio when looking to lose weight, ignoring the benefits that good weight training can bring. Strength exercise combined with a proper diet will create muscle mass. It must be taken into account that muscle mass is the best "fat burner" because the muscle needs energy for its maintenance. Therefore, already at rest there is a consumption of calories. A good combination of both exercises, both cardio and strength, helps us reach our goals sooner.


Using weight in training improves the strength of tendons, joints and ligaments as well as helping to correct body posture. These benefits avoid and prevent injuries from other types of sports training. In addition, to help you perform better in sport.


At Chic&Love we have not forgotten to give you Christmas gift ideas to order and give away. It is possible that we are a little late because we are in mid-December but you are in time to make your last purchases. We hope you love these products as much as we do!

glass bottle

A great Christmas gift for that person who carries water wherever they go: to the gym, to the office, to class or to the library. It is a reusable bottle with rose quartz stone loaded with energetic and healing properties. Includes a black anti-drip neoprene cover that allows you to keep the cold of the water. A very original gift idea as it contains this precious stone that will attract everyone's attention.


bangle set

We could not forget to include in our wishlist : the set of bangles. This product is perfect to enhance your training, to include it in your yoga or walking routine. They can always be combined with weights or tapes to give a greater intensity to the exercise. They are adjustable and fit perfectly on the wrists and ankles. Perfect to give to your father or mother, to that friend who is a fan of yoga and Pilates, to that lover of long walks or for yourself. In addition, there is a choice between different colors such as pink, blue, black or green, so it is suitable for all kinds of tastes. This idea is very original and will surely create a special illusion.

Pack Hair&Nails vitamins

This pack of vitamins to strengthen hair and nails is the perfect gift for those who love healthcare . Contains Biotin, Folic Acid and Vitamin C to nourish and give hair more shine. A The pack of 2 is perfect for achieving better results. The best thing about these vitamins is that they come in a cherry-flavored gummy format, making it a very original and different gift that will stand out among others. Here you can read an article about the benefits of biotin.


Fabric ribbons set

Another gift idea for this Christmas or to give to your invisible friend is this set of elastic fabric headbands. The set is perfect for those who want to start resistance exercises. It includes 3 tapes of different intensity levels and are used to tone both the buttocks and legs and arms. Its fabric made up of cotton and latex rubber tape prevents it from rolling up during training. Here we share a series of tape exercises perfect for your buttocks.


weekly organizer

The perfect gift to start 2022 off right! It will help start January on the right foot and is a great motivation to start new resolutions and habits. This weekly organizer allows you to keep up to date with your weekly training routines, meals, projects and class tasks or errands to do. In addition, it allows you to see your week in a general and simplified way at the same time. You have two patterns to choose from! Give it to that organized friend or who needs a little organization in her day to day. :)

Buy: Weekly organizer https://chiclove.com/product/organizador-semanal/

We hope we have helped you in giving you gift ideas for this Christmas. The most important thing is that you give it with great enthusiasm.

The Chic&Love team wishes you a Merry Christmas :)

It manages to improve our body composition as it helps to tone and increase muscle mass and reduce fat levels. There is a false belief that exercises with weights will give you a body similar to that of a man, but it is totally untrue. In the case of women, our body tends more to tone than to increase muscle, while in men, muscle growth is much easier by having more testosterone (a hormone that facilitates muscle growth). In fact, just as it is more difficult for a woman's body to increase its muscle mass than a man's, it is more difficult for her to lose body fat.


At Chic&Love you will find products that will challenge you and make your body work even more with materials such as 1.5kg or 2kg dumbbells or bangles (for both wrists and ankles). Here you will see ideas of exercises for different muscle groups that you could do with this material. As for the elastic bands, they allow you to strengthen the muscles progressively since you can include a more resistant band as you progress. In addition, elastic bands allow you to perform more natural movements. They get muscle activation as you allow them to work in a movement where it is already designed to work. In this link you can find exercise ideas. At Chic&Love we have both fabric and latex bands and 15kg and 25kg resistance bands.

Lose your fear of strength because weight training has a lot of benefits!

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