Tips to survive Blue Monday

Tips para sobrevivir al Blue Monday

Back to work, nostalgia for Christmas, excessive spending, new resolutions... The saddest day of the year has arrived: the third Monday of January. Don't worry because we have a series of tips to survive the dreaded Blue Monday!

Start the day doing sports

Playing sports will help you feel better and release tension. Start the day with a good exercise routine, go to the gym after work, go for a swim or go for a run. Any activity that makes you move your body is valid to overcome this sad day. At Chic&Love you have a wide variety of fitness products to enhance and make your routines more varied. Our bangles are a very fun option that can be used for both wrists and ankles.

Take advantage of our sales and treat yourself

We are not going to fool ourselves, buying makes us feel good. So today is the perfect day to buy what you have been wanting for a long time or anything that makes you especially excited. At Chic&Love we give you the opportunity to buy what you most want by taking advantage of our sales.

Recharge energy with multivitamins

Our multivitamins are perfect for this down day as they will give you that energy boost you need. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin A. These vitamins will help you improve your immune system and the functioning of your brain, thus reducing the feeling of tiredness.

Take a walk in the fresh air

Go for a walk before or after work. It is important that you walk in daylight. Sunlight will make you happy. In fact, it has been proven that when temperatures drop and there is less daylight, melatonin (the hormone that helps us regulate sleep) skyrockets and serotonin, the happiness hormone, drops . So it's important that we get sunlight in order to avoid the blue monday slump! Here you can find out about the importance of sunlight in our happiness.

Enjoy a dinner with your favorite person

Choose this day to make a plan that excites you. We propose a dinner, but it can be any plan like going to visit an exhibition, going to the movies or theater or having a drink with friends. Having a plan after work will make us see this day as something special and it will get us out of the monotony.

Listen to your Happy playlist

Create your "Happy playlist" to listen to it as soon as you get up, in the shower, on the way to the office or at the gym . You don't have to make a very long list, with three songs that make you happy, that's enough. Also, if you add the occasional dance step, our brain will release endorphins, the happiness hormone, which is closely related to pleasant emotional responses.


This last tip should be kept in mind every day. Worrying about things that we don't know if they will happen or not is a waste of time. You have to know how to distinguish what depends on us and what doesn't, so you have to accept how things come to us. Simplifying and living in what you are doing "now" will help you get through this down day. Go little by little, step by step and you will see that everything will flow!

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