Motivation tips to exercise

Tips de motivación para hacer ejercicio

The arrival of February and you still can't find that impulse that encourages you to train and start a good exercise routine. At the beginning of the year, we made resolutions such as starting to exercise, leading a more active life or continuing with our sports routine. However, after Christmas and the end of the year, we still can't find the desire. Don't worry, it's completely normal! At Chic&Love we give you a few motivational tips to exercise so that you can start your fitness lifestyle in the best possible way.

1. Set real goals

Set yourself realistic goals that are adapted to you, so that you are able to achieve them so as not to become frustrated. Get a nice notebook and write them down. Write how you want to achieve your goals, how you feel and how motivated you are to start. Since you are going to have to be constant, set small goals that you can achieve little by little. Then, write your action plan: "How are you going to reach these goals? How many days/hours are you going to train? And where are you going to start? This step is very important, without an action plan, we won't know for sure." where to start or how to continue to reach the goal.

2. Dress up and get some good equipment

It is not necessary to invest large amounts in sportswear, however, it will always be easier to train when you look good in your clothes. Just like a couple of nice outfits can motivate you, having an accessory that inspires you to train is a good option. The Chic&Love bangles are your perfect complement due to their easy adaptation to any exercise, yoga or cardio routine. In addition to being very functional, they are ideal and combinable with any outfit.

Non-slip mat and yoga block


3. Listen to music

Put on music when you feel like training. Dress up with music, go to the gym with music and train with music.

4. Choose exercises that you like

Find your ideal sport. Maybe you're not a gym person and would rather go swimming. You may enjoy yoga more than going for a run. No matter what you do, the main thing is to enjoy while you get in shape. When you find an activity you like, it becomes easier to engage and be more consistent. Here you will find tips to discover them according to your tastes and objectives. If you decide to carry out an exercise routine, you can start the training with your favorites to get into the rhythm.

Set of elastic bands

5. Evaluate the change

Evaluate change and progress. Assessing long-term changes is easy since you can observe it physically and psychologically. On the other hand, evaluating short-term changes is more complicated and this is necessary in order not to lose motivation. It is recommended to write down all the routines, exercises, days or hours that you train so that at the end of the week you can visually see everything you have achieved. During this time, take advantage of it to thank you for your effort and to feel good. It is important that you realize your work, because it is what will make you continue training to reach your goal.

Other motivation tips to exercise

  • Train with friends.
  • Find a support.
  • Find free ways to exercise.
  • Respect the days of rest.
  • Change your daily habits for healthier ones.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Avoid "overtraining."
  • Innovate in exercise.
  • Sign up for pilates, yoga, dance classes or whatever interests you the most.
  • If you train at home, create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Follow channels or profiles with sports and exercise content. Here are ideas.
  • Follow our Pinterest folder "MOTIVATION".

We hope that these motivational tips for exercising help you meet your goals, that you start as soon as possible and don't lose the desire. :)

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