Steps to get the baby crow yoga pose

Pasos para conseguir la postura de yoga baby cuervo

The baby crow pose or kakasana is a balancing yoga pose that is widely used in practice. It may seem like a lot of strength is needed in the arms and wrists, however, much of the force is concentrated in the abdominal and pelvic area. It is a position that includes opposing forces, so we will have to bring our weight towards the base of the hands while we bring the buttocks up. At first, it may seem complicated but if you follow certain steps, it is easier to do than you think.

KAKASANA means: KAKA = crow and ASANA = posture


  1. Squat down and place your legs to the side of the mat.
  2. Support your hands and flex your elbows inside your legs as you lift your buttocks. In this step, you can help yourself with our Chic&Love heel both to support your feet and your head.
  3. Remember to keep your back straight as you bend your arms in such a way that you bring your weight forward. It is important to look forward for a better balance.
  4. Raise your feet slowly. You can go little by little to gain greater security.


One of the main benefits is that the crow pose helps us stop feeling afraid. Once you get to this position, you overcome the barrier of facing others whose base is the hands. Similarly, in the spiritual realm, it benefits us to open up to new experiences and feel more secure with ourselves.

Regarding the physical benefits, the baby crow pose is used to tone the arms, pectorals, back, and abdominals. It also contributes to improving body posture and the respiratory capacity of the lungs.


Keep in mind that being an advanced posture, it is not for everyone. The wrists suffer a lot during the exercise, so it is recommended that anyone who suffers from an injury avoid doing it. Likewise, it is recommended that at first it be practiced little by little and combined with other base push exercises such as push-ups or floor funds that help improve posture.

Remember that in all yoga postures, you have to connect with your sensations and more specifically in the crow posture. Focus on looking ahead and not on your own body. And don't be afraid! You can always opt for a yoga block like the one from Chic&Love to support your head in a moment of imbalance. :)

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