The Crys Dyaz X Chic&Love collection to always take the gym with you

La colección de Crys Dyaz X Chic&Love para llevar el gym siempre contigo

We can finally announce the very special collaboration that we have carried out with the trainer Crys Dyaz , and introduce you to the fitness collection that we have created, with 6 products with which to train anywhere in a comfortable, fun and effective way.
For the former elite swimmer, personal trainer and physiotherapist, the most important thing is to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves with passion, effort and dedication. And from these values ​​comes this collection that has the motto "Let's go for it: today is the day, now is the moment". In the words of Crys "we have created this collection, together with Chic&Love, to meet the needs of people who train at home or who want to take their "gym" wherever they go" and adds "The pandemic, teleworking... all these new circumstances They can throw us off track, but they won't make us lose our rhythm or desire.”
All that motivation and strength is concentrated in a line of sports accessories in vibrant fuchsia pink, designed with attention to the smallest detail and made with the highest quality materials. With these basics, you can develop a complete routine wherever you are. Do you want to know what the collection includes?

Fitness mat Crys Dyaz by Chic&Love

We are committed to high intensity training as well as the practice of pillars, yoga, meditation and other activities that balance body and mind. But in either case, it will be great to have a mat on hand that stands out for its comfort and stability, its non-slip and soft material and its strap that allows it to be moved easily.

Elastic bands Crys Dyaz by Chic&Love

A sports accessory that cannot be missing in sports routines to work on strength and muscle toning. Contains 3 elastic bands each with different lengths for a different resistance and intensity of the exercises. Our allies to train and define buttocks, legs and arms.

Jump rope Crys Dyaz by Chic&Love

Let's speed up the training! It's time to jump rope for an intense cardio workout and high speeds. The jump rope incorporates an adjustable cable so that it can be used by people of different heights, plus an ergonomic grip for your comfort and so that the rope does not slip away!

Kettlebell 10 Kgs Crys Dyaz by Chic&Love

The benefits of this dumbbell are many, starting with the fact that it helps you improve strength, endurance, flexibility and power. This element can be incorporated into many cardio and muscle strengthening routines. It incorporates an easy grip and can be used in many different directions.

Dumbbells 2 Kgs Crys Dyaz by Chic&Love

If we talk about strength exercises we cannot forget about dumbbells. These provide a lighter weight (2kg) and are ideal to complement cardio exercises. As with the rest of the products, we have designed them with the best grip in mind, with non-slip and soft material, to prevent any chafing when working with them.

Set of bangles Crys Dyaz by Chic&Love

We have already been able to verify that you love our bangles, even more so with this exclusive design by Crys Dyaz . You know that they are ballasts or weights that you can place on your ankles or wrists to increase resistance when exercising, both in and out of the water since its hypoallergenic silicone is waterproof. They can be in contact with your skin without causing reactions and they adapt perfectly to your body with adjustable velcro straps. They are essential if you are looking to tone up.
Our admired Crys Dyaz says that "with perseverance and effort, success is achieved in any field and stage of life" and we are sure that nothing and no one will stop you. You can get the entire collection through our online store . We hope you love it!

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