Stops premature hair aging

Frena el envejecimiento prematuro del cabello

We do not have an elixir of eternal youth, but we do have something similar. The passage of time causes our hair to lose strength, shine, and elasticity, but now we can slow down its pace and prevent premature graying of the hair. In the next lines, we tell you how.
We know very well that you have to take care of your skin, but do you do the same with your hair? Do you know the reasons why hair becomes brittle and dull? At Chic&Love we are very committed to well-being in general and, in particular, to radiant and healthy hair.

Internal and external factors that affect hair

We have no control over the second, external factors, since we are referring to atmospheric changes, air pollution and the effect of the sun, which negatively affects melanin and keratin. Of course, we can (and should) protect ourselves from all of this. Even tobacco is the cause of hair aging!
However, we do have a lot to say about internal factors. A very common enemy of the health of hair, skin or nails is stress. To this we can add the stages of life with intense hormonal changes and, very important, vitamins. Or, rather, the lack of them.
The question that you are probably asking yourself now is, what does hair aging show?

  • Weakened hair: the hair becomes brittle and very fine. The tips break.
  • Dryness: lack of hydration makes it rougher and loses its silky texture.
  • Dull tone: It is as if someone has turned off the light in your hair, which has a dull appearance.
  • Decrease in volume: not only is there less hair, but it is also finer so it loses presence and density.
  • Fall: the ultimate consequence of weakening is the fall.

Tips to combat aging

feed your hair
We have already told you that internal risk factors are easier to control. As? With a contribution of vitamins! Your hair also needs nutrients and you can give them through nutricosmetics. Our Hair&Nails Vitamins formula contains biotin , which is involved in the metabolism of fats, giving hair greater elasticity. In addition to folic acid , necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and vitamin C , which allows the hair to maintain its natural color for longer. A delight for your hair!
Protect him from his enemies
Now that the good weather is here and the hours of sunshine are getting longer, think that you must protect your hair, even more if possible. You can do it using special sprays and creams to combat the incidence of Ultra Violet rays as well as pollution, and covering your hair with scarves, caps and hats. Also avoid exposing your hair to temperatures of extreme heat, with the iron and the dryer.
Bet on deep hygiene
And in it use products without silicones or sulfates, apply extra hydration, massage the scalp when you are washing it and brush it daily. A correct hygiene and hair care routine will lengthen the youth of your hair.
At Chic&Love we work so that, both inside and out, you feel unstoppable. Tell us your beauty tips and ask us if you have any questions about our wellness products.
Pic by @ranasawalha

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