Father's Day gives health and well-being

El día del padre regala salud y bienestar

Father's Day is celebrated on March 19, that special moment in which we have a detail with one of the most important people in our lives. Although year after year he tells you that he does not want any gift, surprises are always, but always, exciting. To make it easy for you, we have compiled some Chic&Love ideas that do not fail. If your father likes (or needs) to take care of himself, keep reading!

A gift to bring out the best in you: Papa Pack

Well yes, we have created a pack specifically for him. And we have done it with our star nutricosmetics products, to achieve the well-being of body and mind: Multivitamins , to enhance vitality and increase energy; Sleep , for a restful sleep, and Hair&Nails , for strong hair and nails. In addition, so that the pack is round we have included a gift cup.
Each jar contains 60 gummies, depending on the product, for one or two months. A very complete gift!

A gift for the well-being of the family: Dad + Junior Pack

If there are kids around the house, we have prepared a pack with a plus, to take care of you as a family. This, in addition to Multivitamins, Sleep and Hair&Nails contains a fourth food supplement: Junior , indicated for boys and girls 4 years and older. Our formula responds to one objective: to strengthen the immune system of children for healthy growth and normal development. With a delicious orange flavour, the gummies contain 8 vitamins (vitamin C, B6 and B12 stand out) and 3 essential minerals.
Oh, and our cup, of course.

A gift to stay in shape: Set of bangles

If your dad is a regular at exercising, he'll like to expand his personal gym. If it is not, you will help him discover a tool with many possibilities that will encourage him to get in shape. Bangles , also called ballasts, are weights that are placed on the ankles and wrists to add resistance to workouts. They are very comfortable because they are perfectly adjustable and are made of hypoallergenic silicone suitable for use in water. Each weight is 0.45kg for light, controlled resistance.
It is usually used in low-impact exercises such as pillars, yoga, but also to go for a walk or run.

A gift for relaxing moments: yoga mat

Surely you think that your father deserves that daily moment of disconnection, of balance of body and mind, of releasing tension. Yoga is an ancient technique that provides many benefits and makes us connect more with ourselves. If your father is as passionate about yoga as we are or you think some stretching and relaxation exercises could come in handy, get one of our non-slip mats , with double layers and maximum comfort. In addition, you can take it from there to there thanks to its strap.

A gift to disconnect: wellness experience

A relaxing getaway, a massage to make you feel new, some thermal baths... we are committed to activities and experiences that restore energy. We are firm defenders of how important it is to spend time with yourself, to reconnect. If your father does not practice self-care, give it to him!
The Chic&Love team hope that on Father's Day all your love and affection will reach yours in the form of a healthy gift.

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