How do I know if my scalp is healthy?

¿Cómo saber si mi cuero cabelludo está sano?

When a scalp is healthy, we find skin free of redness, lumps and dandruff; no dryness is observed. Also very toned skin where there is good circulation that allows good oxygenation of the hair follicle.

The main scalp problems:

  • Tinea Capitis : better known as TINEA, it is an infection caused by dermatophyte fungi, it can attack the eyebrows, eyelashes, skin and even nails. Its main source of contagion is the use of infected combs, brushes and caps combined with poor hygiene when washing hair. It can affect women, men and children. Its symptoms are: scaly skin, hair loss, spots on the scalp with a scaly appearance and a color that ranges from pale gray to a reddish tone, brittle hair and greater sensitivity that can be painful to the touch.
  • Dandruff: Dandruff is a natural process where the scalp flakes and falls off in the form of flakes. This happens every two months. Dandruff begins to be a problem when due to some imbalance (such as psoriasis and seborrhea) these scales begin to generate much more frequently (every two weeks), therefore they tend to join together and begin to form more and more flakes. large and visible. During the process, it usually generates quite uncomfortable itching.
  • Greasy scalp: The glands responsible for the production of fat are distributed throughout our body, only the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet do not have them. These glands are usually affected when there are hormonal changes, they accelerate the process of the sebaceous glands, causing oil production to increase and that is where matted and dull hair appears.

How to keep the scalp healthy?

    • Cleanliness is the main thing: Washing the scalp correctly will prevent the accumulation of dirt and impurities that clog the pores and prevent the hair follicles from being nourished. This suffocates the skin and hair, making it more brittle and weak. Experts say that washing your hair once every three days is the right amount of time, because it allows the scalp to dry completely and produce natural oils on its own. When you wash your hair, do it by massaging it and using a shampoo according to your skin type.
    • Massage your scalp : They are very effective in making your scalp look healthy. You should do it with the tips of your fingers, never scratch hard with your nails. This will promote blood and oxygen circulation, as well as make the skin generate essential nutrients and eliminate those substances that adhere to the hair at the roots. The massage has to be circular, squeezing with the fingertips and making small turns.
    • Use masks: they are excellent for nourishing your hair but also the scalp. You should never miss out on a beauty routine. Apply it once a week and if possible, make it natural.
    • Eat a healthy diet: When you lack nutrients it will immediately show in your body.
    • Reduce sun exposure: Excessive sun exposure can also damage your scalp. Like the skin on your face or arms, it can burn and cause your hair to dry out and break.
    • Avoid chemical hair products: The beauty products we use can be very harmful even if you think they give you good results. The dyes, the plates
    • Take care of yourself from the inside: It is important to nourish your hair from the inside. Our HAIR&NAILS VITAMINS products and 360º HAIR FORMULA VIALS are formulated with vitamins and minerals focused on nourishing and caring for your hair from within.

It is important to keep the scalp healthy and take care of it both inside and out to avoid premature loss and weakening.

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