How to fulfill your resolutions 2022

Cómo cumplir tus propósitos 2022

New Year New Life. The beginning of the year motivates us to create new habits and try to reach the best version of ourselves. We all want this year to be a little better than the last. 2022 is coming strong! At Chic&Love we propose ideas and tell you how to fulfill your 2022 resolutions in the best way:

1. Get more exercise on a regular basis

Organize and follow a routine. Here you have to be realistic and start with objectives that you will be able to achieve. Go little by little so that you adapt to a new habit. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start by exercising two days a week. Once you start fulfilling your purpose, you will start liking the routine and you will be able to add more days of the week to your routine. Do not despair! If you start with a real objective, which we are achieving, we will be much more motivated and excited to challenge ourselves even more.

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2. Boost your immune system

After this happy virus that has been with us throughout 2021, one purpose for 2022 is to improve our health as well as our immune system. Exercising, a balanced diet, reducing stress or sleeping well are some of the ways to improve the immune system. At Chic&Love we recommend our sleep vitamins that help you fall asleep and rest better. A good rest will produce more energy during the day and be able to be more productive and effective in our training and work.

Sleep vitamins - 4 months

3. Improve your diet

Another purpose to fulfill this 2022 is to improve our eating habits. You can start by drinking more water, reducing the use of certain fats, avoiding sugar as well as eliminating the consumption of ultra-processed products. The easiest way to achieve these goals is by choosing the healthiest options. There are plenty of healthy and tasty breaks on the internet and social media. Learn to cook new dishes and enjoy the process.

4. Develop healthy habits

As I have already mentioned, you have to set realistic goals and habits. You have to set yourself a certain "challenge" that motivates you to start but that is not excessive or a big change for us because it is most likely that we will end up overwhelmed, tired and end up leaving that habit unfulfilled.

We recommend that you write down your habits in a notebook, agenda or organizer and go little by little. Starting to start all your new habits at once can feel a bit overkill. Decide where you want to start, talk to yourself nicely and go habit by habit. Without realizing it, you will look back and see everything you have come to achieve. :)

Here you can see an article on how to make a list of realistic resolutions for 2022 .

5. Being happy training

Being happy training? It seems impossible, but it is not! The difficult thing is to start. Once you start and see changes, you will begin to feel good and happy about what you are achieving. Exercising feels good and if you find a sport or exercises that you like, it will cost less to do it. You just have to find what you like! Try going for a run or a walk, join the gym and be interested in learning new exercises, go dancing, cardio, yoga or Pilates. You can also train at home through videos or live with your favorite fitness trainers. Don't get discouraged and don't lose the illusion to start a new lifestyle.

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6. Create your own "visionboard"

Finally, create a "visionboard" that represents all your purposes. It's a great way to motivate yourself, get excited and remember what you're really doing it for. Fulfilling your 2022 resolutions is not so difficult anymore! We hope you have a good year and your resolutions come true. ;)

You can get inspired by visiting our pinterest profile. We have several folders with ideas to motivate you and fulfill your 2022 resolutions.

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