Keys to start the day with energy

Claves para comenzar el día con energía

And to maintain it throughout the day, of course. It is possible that you are on the list of people for whom mornings are a little uphill and starting requires an extra effort. If that is your case, this post is for you because today we want to share with you some keys to start the day with energy . Word of Chic&Love !
The alarm goes off and that feeling of "OMG, I can't get up!" ring a bell? Calm down, it's all a matter of adopting new habits in your routine. Where do we start?

Vitamin cocktail to start the day with energy

We make this first step easy for you because you don't have to do anything at all. Our Chic&Love Multivitamins already does it for you. Its formulation contains nothing more and nothing less than Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B6, Pantoneic Acid, Folic Acid and Vitamin E.
You may wonder what this cocktail of components is for. Well, above all, for a unique energy boost that will make you feel like new every day, reducing fatigue and strengthening your immune system. It is a complement in the form of jelly beans and with a delicious strawberry flavor that you will take both for breakfast and for lunch.

energizing breakfast

Speaking of breakfast, making good choices about the foods you eat first thing in the morning will help you perform well throughout the day. Incorporate carbohydrates, proteins and dairy into your breakfast. Coffee, yogurt, nuts, eggs, oatmeal and some fruit, how does that sound?
We recommend you get up with a little time to prepare a good breakfast and we already warn you that having a good breakfast will get you hooked! We are completely sure that it will become your favorite meal of the day.

Trick your body and move!

We know you'll be thinking: "but how am I going to exercise if I don't have energy?". We are not going to deny that starting is going to cost you a little, but the change of habits must include, yes or yes, a little movement. And we promise you that you will get the taste little by little. The advantages of exercising in the morning are many: it allows your blood to flow and you "wake up" fully, it increases your levels of activity and concentration during the day, it improves your sleep quality... And, if physical exercise gives you a bit of laziness, you get rid of it quickly!
You will probably have to trick your body for a few days, but then it will go on its own!

a few minutes of meditation

Five minutes of meditation in the morning will be enough to face what the day holds with greater optimism and strength . In the end, it is still a small space of time dedicated and focused on you and your mind. Find your space, sit down and keep your eyes closed. Forget the rush for a moment, relax, breathe and live in the present moment. Daily meditation will help you focus on your goals and concentrate on your tasks.
You could also practice yoga, but if you already meditate in the morning, we recommend doing the yoga sessions at the end of the day. Lay out your Chic&Love non-slip mat and balance your body and mind before going to sleep.
Can you tell us how these tips have gone for you? If your energizing routine includes any more steps, share it with our team!!

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