Hair loss, also in spring

Caída del cabello, también en primavera

According to popular culture, hair falls out especially in the fall. However, it is not the only time when we lose hair, nor are environmental changes the only causes. Hair loss also occurs in spring and for various reasons. Let's better understand how hair behaves!
Perhaps you did not know that hair has its own natural cycle, which includes a phase of growth, another of involution and another of loss. Each of the hairs pass, at the same time, through a different phase of this cycle. Therefore, there is always a percentage of hair loss that is considered normal and frequent.

seasonal fall

The seasonal fall exists and occurs when the temperature conditions change, that is, in autumn and spring. The hair adapts and "molts", which causes a more abundant fall than usual (from 10 to 20%, approximately). Being seasonal, this period lasts between two and three months and there is no need to be alarmed because, to a greater or lesser extent, it happens to everyone.

Stress, the cause of hair loss

Unfortunately, stress is part of the daily life of many people who are overloaded with work, tasks and responsibilities and dragged along by the hectic pace of our society. Suffering from stress is harmful to our health and causes pathologies that develop in a thousand different ways. Thus, stress is the second cause of hair loss, after genetic issues.
Our mind is connected to our body and the skin and hair suffer from it through inflammatory processes. In addition, this state causes the hair cycle, which we talked about before, to be altered and there is more volume of hair in the fall phase.
Experts agree that the stress situation caused by the pandemic has had serious effects on people's well-being.

take care of hair

Of course, all activities that contribute to relaxation will help prevent hair loss due to stress. We talk about yoga, breathing and meditation, but also about any type of sport or plan that releases tension. A balanced diet and vitamin-based food supplements are also an ideal way to have healthy, strong and resistant hair.
At Chic&Love we have developed the Hair&Nails Vitamins vitamin complex, which helps boost hair and nail growth thanks to its formula composed of Biotin, Folic Acid and Vitamin C.
Take care and this spring look great!

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