Discover the benefits of exercising as a couple

Descubre los beneficios de hacer ejercicio en pareja

Any reason is good to train! February 14 is the perfect day to do something with your partner, and why not train together? In this post we tell you all the benefits of training as a couple and we give you some ideas of exercises that you could do together.

Benefits of training as a couple

1. Increase the happiness level of the relationship

Sharing the same purpose and objective will improve the trust of the couple. By spending more time together and doing different activities, you will strengthen the couple. Also, at this time you will have some time to talk and have a laugh.

2. Training effectiveness

Training as a couple increases motivation to exercise. One will pull the other because, in some way, you will "compete" for who can last the most, so you will end up giving the best of yourself. In addition, exercising as a couple is more fun and bearable, so the training will end up being more effective and both of you will be able to finish without reducing the intensity.

3. Increases motivation

As we have mentioned before, having the same goals will help both of you provide feedback on achieving them. It is the easiest way to overcome laziness on those days when we are more tired or less eager. Having a "workout partner" helps to encourage us to go to the gym and to take away excuses.

Ideas for exercising as a couple

  • Go for a run, walk or bike ride.
  • Do cardio. Each with its own pace and intensity.
  • Sign up for a Pilates, yoga class...
  • Go to the gym together.
  • Train together at home.
  • Practice a couple sport: tennis, paddle tennis, badminton, rowing or beach volleyball.
  • Skiing
  • Hiking

exercises in pairs

If you choose to train at home. Here we show you a series of fun and motivating couple exercises:

  • clap push ups

Lie face down on the floor with your heads pointing in the same direction, but in opposite directions. Once here, you will have to carry out push-ups in which you will alternately high-five your hands.

  • leg raises

One of the two lies on the ground and holds on to the legs of his partner. As the person on the floor raises their legs, their partner should push them down at the highest point to force them to resist the eccentric phase.

  • Pass a ball or dumbbell

They both sit on the floor with their knees bent, back to back. Once here, you choose a ball or dumbbell and turn to the right and then to the left, so that you pass the material from one to the other.

  • clap crunches

This exercise consists of doing sit-ups. Both of you lie down in front of each other so that the balls of your feet touch each other. Once the crunches are done, high fives or a ball or weight can be massaged to intensify the exercise.

  • reverse squat

The two stand on their backs and stand up. Once here, squats are performed lowering until the knees are at 90 degrees and maintain that position until they can't take it anymore.

  • double iron

In this exercise, the entire musculature works because it is constantly activated, although it focuses more on the abdominal area. If you both master the technique, you can challenge each other to do it as a couple. One of the two lies on the floor on his back while the other is placed upside down upside down so that he holds on to his partner's ankles. The person on the bottom will have to hold the ankles of the person on top. Both of you will have to maintain a correct posture so that the bodies are aligned. Ideally, you should hold in this position for about 20 seconds with several repetitions.

To see more ideas for couple exercises, you can watch a video here.

Here are more ideas about partner training. Go ahead and train with your partner and if you don't have a partner, you can always choose to exercise with friends, your brother or sister, mother, father, uncles or grandparents. Training accompanied will benefit you to give your best and meet your goals.

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